Plain ol’ Lox, Bagels and Cream Cheese sandwiches… sooooo simple to make and amazingly delicious with just three ingredients. Yummy on crackers as bite-size morsels, or load up your bagel with extras of tomato and onion…a delectable sandwich!

lox, bagels, cream cheese
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Mexican macaroni & cheese
Mexican Macaroni
& Cheese

A tasty, spicy twist on an
American staple–really
potato cheese soup
Potato Cheese Soup
Such "stick to your ribs"
deliciousness to help
keep you winter warm.

tortilla chips
Guacamole &
Tortilla Chips

SIMPLY made and
healthfully delicious!
standing rib roast
Standing Rib Roast
Tender, juicy, flavorful,
marinated king of beef
cut. Oh yum!
split pea soup
Split Pea Soup
A comforting mix of
magic which includes
a hearty ham hock.

cranberry relish
Raw Cranberry

Easy, quick, really
flavorful... and no
cooking required.

There are just some things for the kitchen I cannot do without!