Linda   May 3, 2016
I attended your show in Santa Maria and really enjoyed your food and the things you made(So did my husband!) I look forward to being on your mailing list and getting new recipes from you. We both really loved your corn salad. I never knew they had white balsamic vinegar and was happy to learn new things.
Kelly W.   October 24, 2013
I enjoyed your show at the Kern County Fair recently. You were fabulous!
Ellen   September 1, 2013
Saw you at the Monterey County Fair this Saturday. Loved your enthusiasm, the food you cooked, suggestions & hints, and your great kitchen set up! This is the first time I've heard about you, but it won't be the last. So glad you have a website and newsletter. With my grandson's upcoming birthday, I plan on purchasing one of your kids' books for him. So glad I went to the fair and saw your cooking show!
CeCe C. August 12, 2013 (Facebook post)
Loved her show's at the Fair she's Great.
Mickey S. August 8, 2013
I am looking forward to your recipes and newsletter. You do a great job helping us cooks keep learning new things and even the old things too.
Kathy W. July 12, 2013
Saw you at the Sac County fair and LOVED the mini quiche! Can't wait to try it myself! In fact am on my way now to the grocery store for some Laughing Cow Cheese. Looking forward to trying some of the recipes from your cookbook. Thanks again.
Phil & Donna C. July 11, 2013
Dianne, we caught your delicious cooking presentations at the Santa Barbara County Fair. We loved your 5-minute Strawberry Tortilla Pie. So, we looked at each other and both said "We have to buy your book" Thank you also for being a spokes person for renewing the Entrepreneurial Spirit in America. God Bless you and your family.
Debra R. June 28, 2013
Loved your cooking shows at the Sacramento County Fair and look forward
to your new recipes and also your new upcoming cookbook. Thank you.
Peggy June 9, 2013
Really really enjoy your show when I get a chance to listen. I'm really excited to try the Chocolate coconut shake. I love coconut and have known for years the many health benefits and have been using coconut oil for the past 6 months. I'm looking forward to trying some more of your recipes as well.

Lana F. March 29, 2013
Dianne, you were off the air for a while and I was thrilled when I heard you were back on. It is almost like you are reading my mind, we agree on so much. I was born in Texas, raised by conservative parents who owned their own business as do I. I owned a BBQ restaurant, a gift and interior store with a nutrition center, and am presently remodeling a house to rent out. I am an herbalist and gardener and have taught myself what ever I am interested in. I home schooled my son and now am working with my grandson in kindergarten. Thank you for your show and great recipes. Finally there is a woman on radio I share a kinship with.
Rae H. March 19, 2013
I am from Louisiana and never heard your show before and listened to it while traveling through the northern states in Sunday and very much enjoy it and would ike to sync rive to your emails and get daily news, recipes, etc.
Koye S. February 24, 2013
Just heard your show this morning, love it. Sorry I cannot listen to all of it because of church. Grateful for this site. I love your attitude and knowledge—love to COOK. Thank you
Cynthia K. February 3, 2013
My husband & I enjoy your enthusiasm and cooking skills!  He is a painting contractor and tunes in to your show on Sunday.  He told me about the doughnuts with apple glaze—sounds great.  We've been trying to use more coconut oil, too. Thank you again.
Bonnie October 28, 2012
On Oct 27, 2012 you gave out a Pumpkin Pancake Recipe. I was driving and couldn't write it down. Could you send it to me? I really liked your show. A first time listener.
Donna H. October 14, 2012
Nice show in Fresno.  Enjoyed the demo and the tasting opportunity.  
Thank you, Donna
John October 5, 2012
I decided to reduce my waistline and weight.  I need a recipe for a healthy muffin recipe.  For breakfast I have cereal and fruit and I need to omit pastries. Can you help? PS:  I do enjoy your radio program on Saturday afternoon.
Maryanne D. September 23, 2012
I am pleased that we receive your radio program in Montgomery, Alabama on FM 93.1. Thank you for the inspiration and the great recipes.

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